Remote Communities

Approximately 292 remote communities in Canada are accessible year-round only by small airplanes. Their supply chains for heavier and non-perishable goods are limited to sea lifts and trucks over seasonal ice roads. Cargo airships of 30 MT lift could transport all the bulky, heavy and over-dimensional goods that are needed in these communities.

Consistent service from BASI airships would help to ensure food security, lower delivered-costs, create jobs, and improve the lives of people in remote communities.

Access to consistent, The Buoyant Aircraft Transportation System would have the following benefits:

  • Health (better food nutrition, better healthcare facility possibilities)
  • Local job creation (Airdock, handling crews, other staff)
  • Trades (opportunities of obtain sufficient hours for Red Seals)
  • Housing (increase the quality and quantity of Northern housing)
  • Infrastructure (opening resource developments and mines)
  • Heavy Machinery (rapid repairs and delivery of emergency vehicles)
  • Environment (zero-carbon emissions and minimal surface footprint)
  • Business development opportunities (myriad of supply chains)

The diagram below shows an example supply chain for major urban food suppliers moving both FTL and LTL shipments through the BASI system.

Please reach out to the BASI team via our contact page for more information. We would be glad to provide more information on how BASI can build a transportation system to meet your needs.