Mining Opportunities

Rich mineral deposits in remote locations are stranded by the high cost of obtaining access. Building roads capable of handling heavy truck traffic is only possible where the deposits are very large and the distance to established infrastructure is short. Many rich “pockets” of minerals are known to exist all over Northern Canada, but these mine locations are uneconomic to develop. Huge amounts of valuable resources in Canada and other countries are trapped because of the cost of building the necessary infrastructure to access them.

Cargo airships offer a more sustainable alternative transportation solution. The technology and designs of airships are well established and understood, modern materials allow them to open up new paths to resources. The BASI cargo airship can carry 30MT, but this is scalable depending on the demand. Environmentally, it has a minimal carbon footprint and can fly over sensitive areas, such as National Parks and Indian Reservations.

What sets the BASI cargo airship apart from other competitors is the innovative transshipment base - the Buoyant Aircraft Rotating Terminal (BART). The BART has been developed for easy shipment and set up in remote locations. The BART system allows cargo airships to land quickly and safely to pick up mineral concentrates and deliver supplies to the mine.

The BART systems are portable and can be reused at multiple mine sites. As a semi-permanent piece of infrastructure, the BART unit takes approximately two months to set up. Once assembled the platform and turntable require minimal maintenance and allow for the airship to safely load cargo quickly to limit handling time.

Once the BART system is set up, it can operate for as long as the mine is viable. After the desired ores have been removed, the BART can be disassembled and moved to another mining location.

Please reach out to the BASI team via our contact page for more information. We would be glad to provide more information on how BASI can build a transportation system to meet your needs.