Fuel Hauling

Fuel delivery in the North is expensive because of its volume and the need to build sufficient storage tanks to last until the next seasonal shipment arrives. A cargo airship fitted with fuel bladders could eliminate the storage requirements and bring in fresh fuel into remote locations year-round.

BASI envisions a fleet of “dedicated fuel tankers” and standard airships that are also fitted with fuel bladders that can carry fuel mixed cargo. Airships are going to haul a lot of bulky, lightweight cargo such as paper products, diapers and home insulation. When those loads do not produce adequate weight, some form of ballast must be added. The fuel bladders would allow cargo airships to “top up” any load that does not quite meet the cargo weight threshold with diesel or gasoline. The diagram below illustrates this system.

Please reach out to the BASI team via our contact page for more information. We would be glad to provide more information on how BASI can build a transportation system to meet your needs.