General Operating Specifications for the 30T-lift Canadian Airship

Length 560 feet
Max. Diameter 80 feet
Max. Height 90 feet
Max. Width 100 feet
Volume 2.2 Million Cubic Feet
Ballast Water
Fineness Ratio 6.2
Tail Surfaces One Rear Stabilizer and Rudder
Elevators Forward Canards, 45 degree
Vectoring Control Full 180 degree, up and down
Max. Gross Lift 60 Tons
Max. Takeoff Weight 62 Tons
Useful Load 30 Tons
Power Twin, Pratt & Whitney PT-6 APUs
Propulsion Four, 390kw Siemens Electric
Propellers Hoffman 12’-6”, 20 degree
Fuel Capacity 1000 US Gallons
Fuel Reserve 200 US Gallons
Fuel Consumption 880 lbs / hour
Fuel Type Jet A Diesel (colored)
Cruise Speed 80 Knots
Max. Speed 100 Knots (full rich settings)
Stall Speed 0 Knots
Max. Takeoff Angle 10 degrees
Max. Cross Wind 25 Knots at 90 Degrees
Max. Wind Limit 50 Knots
Max Endurance 10 Hours
Max. Range Nautical Miles 1200 Miles (lean settings)
Typical Range Nautical Miles 800 Miles
Service Ceiling 5000 feet
Cargo Bays Twin door with aircraft roll-out floors
Max. Cargo Length 160 feet
Pilots Single with Co-Pilot or Unmanned
Min. Ground Crew 2
Ground Control Terminal Support System Buoyant Aircraft Rotating Terminal, (BART)