Every great company has a rich and interesting history. BASI is pleased to share with you the highlights of our business from the formation of the initial partnership agreement to present day.


  • Barry and Dale meet to discuss forming Buoyant Airships Systems International (BASI) to build a cargo airship.
  • Dale confirmed he would relocate to Winnipeg, Manitoba to build a research facility and begin the airship company.
  • BASI incorporates.
  • Search for a suitable location to set up a hangar to build the airship.
  • Several sites were investigated with St. Andrews, Manitoba Airport, CYAV ultimately being chosen.
  • Disassembled, moved and reassembled Dale’s hangar from Wiarton, ON to St. Andrews, MB.
  • Storm blew out the ends of the hangar after assembly was completed.
  • Acquire Aeros 40B advertising blimp from the U.S., seek airship pilot’s licence.


  • Install engineered hangar doors on the BASI research hangar at CYAV.
  • Complete fabrication of MB-80 blimp and first inflation at the University of Manitoba Atrium.
  • Purchase of hot air balloon and beginning of pilot training in Alberta as per direction of Transport Canada to fly airships.
  • First cold air inflation of MB-80 in the research hangar


  • Beginning of design work and prototypes of Orbo – drone geophysical survey platform.
  • Acquisition of 65-foot radio-controlled blimp, renamed MB-65


  • Solar system installed at BASI research hangar.
  • Research work with Hudbay Minerals airborne Geophysical Surveying.
  • Designed, built and patented work on unmanned Orbo design.


  • First helium inflation of the MB-80 in the hangar at CYAV.


  • Hot air balloon pilot’s licence obtained by Dale George.
  • Undertook cold weather testing with MB-80 airship using helium and hydrogen gases.
  • Loss of research hanger, MB-80 and all equipment in violent summer storm.
  • Clearing of the site and liquidation of salvageable assets from the research hangar.


  • Begin design of 30-ton lift, Canadian Airship and the Buoyant Aircraft Rotating Terminal (BART) and complete preliminary CAD drawings.
  • Testing and development of BASI gas cells.
  • Completion of the BASI Cargo Transportation System.
  • Open the BASI Research workshop in Ontario to develop gas cells.
  • Travel to Brazil to showcase the BASI gas cells to Airships Do Brazil (ADB).
  • Travel to France to meet Varialift, Euro Airships and Flying Whales. Varialift agrees that BASI would build gas cells for future study.


  • Development of the BOM and identification of supply chain members.
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed with ADB.
  • Build scale Diorama of the BART and BASI Rigid Airship design.
  • Won the "People’s Choice" Award at the CanInfra Challenge for “Electric Airship Transportation System”.


  • Testing of hydrogen safe gas cells and design refinements.
  • Aviation Innovations Conference in Toronto – Airships to the Arctic.
  • Travel to France to meet with Flying Whales to showcase the BASI gas cells.


  • Development efforts slowed by Covid-19 in general
  • Gas Cell research and materials development continued
  • Hangar cleanup completed


  • Celebrated 10 years of operations
  • Gas Cell development continued
  • Rotating landing base development continued


  • Resurgent activities following the Pandemic
  • Meetings in Mexico
  • Live in person Airship Conference in Toronto
  • Rotating landing base and airship in full CAD


  • CMHC Project underway
  • New development and testing of rotating terminal
  • Helipad Dual-use Development
  • Visit to Aerospace University in Mexico
  • Live Airship Conference in Nuremberg, Germany