Business Objectives

Mission Statement

To enhance the life experiences, viability and economic growth in Northern Canada, and eventually worldwide, through the development of a low-cost, zero-carbon emission air transportation system.

Vision Statement

Northern Milk at City Prices.

Technology Development

The principals of the firm have over 60 years of combined study in buoyant aircraft technology. The airship industry has seen its share of flash in the pan operations. Some were simply misguided designs, and a few were led by misguided people. Buoyant aircraft technology is not as obvious as it appears; or, as one industry insider describes it, “deceptively sophisticated.” Still, giant Zeppelins were flown successfully over 80 years ago. Advances, in engineering, materials and methods means that it can be done much better and safer now. BASI’s research team has four areas: the design of a rigid buoyant aircraft capable of carrying 30 metric tons; a airship-truck ground-handling and transshipment system, thin-walled gas-holding components and economics of a buoyant aircraft transportation system.

Team Development and Safety

BASI has a very flat management structure, and works closely with the engineering and computer specialists that are moving the company forward. BASI believes in employee ownership participation as policy for rewarding and building team effort. BASI is building a safety culture. Rules are adhered to and procedures are followed to ensure the maximum level of safe operations possible.

Environmental Sustainability

Airships are a green technology. They are a means of adapting to future climate change and a method of reducing the carbon emissions into our atmosphere. BASI is part of the non-carbon world of solar power, hydrogen and wind energy. It is BASI’s objective to build zero-carbon emissions transport vehicles.