The members of the BASI team consist of professionals and a diverse group of talented individuals who bring expertise to individual projects. The core team members of BASI are:

Buoyant Aircraft Systems International is pleased to announce their research facility located near Midland, Ontario. This facility is focussed on developing new materials and methods to secure helium and hydrogen for use as a fuel and lift in cargo airships. For more information please contact Dale George at 1-705-533-9979.

Dr. Barry Prentice - Founder, Pres. & CEO

Dr. Prentice is a Professor at the University of Manitoba and the former Director (1996-2005) of the Transport Institute. His major research and teaching interests include logistics, transportation economics, northern transport and trade policy. Dr. Prentice holds a degree in economics from University of Western Ontario (1973) and graduate degrees from University of Guelph (MSc, 1979) and University of Manitoba (PhD, 1986).

Dr. Prentice has authored or co-authored more than 250 research reports, journal articles and contributions to books. His scholarly work has been recognized for excellence in national paper competitions and awards. In 1999, National Transportation Week named him Manitoba Transportation Person of the Year.

In 2009, Dr. Prentice was made a Life-time Member of the Canadian Transportation Research Forum. Dr. Prentice was instrumental in founding a major in transportation and logistics within the B.Comm. (Hons.) Program at the I. H. Asper School of Business (fall 2003). Since that time a new Department of Supply Chain Management has been formed, and in 2006 a M.Sc. program in supply chain management was initiated.

Dr. Prentice has served on the Boards of Directors of several transportation organizations: National Transportation Week (President, 2001 and 2003), Honourary President of the Canadian Institute for Traffic and Transportation (2001-3) and the Canadian Transportation Research Forum (Past President, 1997). Dr. Prentice is the President of ISO Polar Airships that he co-founded in 2005 as a not-for-profit research institute to promote the use of airships as sustainable transport for the northern latitudes. He has organized five Airships to the Arctic conferences to promote the use of buoyant aircraft for serving remote locations.

Dale George - Founder & CTO

Dale graduated with honours in Industrial Design Engineering at Georgian College. He has won many awards and scholarships including the prestigious Design Canada Award and Ontario's Premiers Award. As well, he holds many design and intellectual patents and was a guest of honour at the Innovation Center at The University of Waterloo.

Dale's many talents include research and conceptual design, development of new materials and methods, copyright and patent abstract and description writing. Dale co-founded Mobile Airships Inc. and provided technical and design support to Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA for their study of Lighter-Than-Air flight exploration of Titan, Io and MARS. Dale founded Canadian Airship Manufacturing Inc. (CAMI) and was awarded the green light by Transport Canada to begin to establish Canada's first airship construction, flight testing and pilot training center. He has worked with Magenn Power Inc, developers of the world's first high altitude wind turbine. Dale was the go-to-guy on this project which was recently show-cased on The Discovery Channel's 'Infinite Winds'.

Dale is a member of the Airship Association, EAA, COPA, UPAC, and MAAC, holds a private pilot's license, and has restored and owned many different aircraft, including airships. Some of Dale's major accomplishments include designing the first commercial all plastic back-yard playground slide and was the lead working consultant with CSA and UL to establish the first playground safety standards. Dale provided the first conceptual designs for cell phones in the early eighties known as Radio Phones. He also designed the first commercial pre-school specific play structure known then as 'Kid Spaces'. Today, it's better known as the 'McDonald's Play Land'.

Dan Klippenstein - Operations Advisor

Dan Klippenstein is the President and a director of Excel Playgreen Group Inc. He completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba in 1979 and majored in Animal Science. Dan completed a Masters of Business Administration degree at the University of Manitoba in 1994. Upon completion of his MBA degree, Dan established Excel Pork Farms Ltd. which offers investment opportunities in the hog industry. In 1994, Dan raised $1,250,000 to build Excel Pork Limited Partnership which is still operating today. Dan created Excel Playgreen Group Inc. in 1998 to manage the limited partnership farms. By 2000, Dan had raised an additional $6.5 million and initiated three more limited partnership hog farm investments by private placement offerings. Dan managed the construction and developed the management programs for the farms. Excel Playgreen Group Inc. manages a total of $17,000,000 in farm assets and $12,000,000 in sales annually. Mr. Klippenstein's experience in business management and investment development provides the knowledge and experience to develop a successful business in the airship industry.

Sarfraz Ahmed - Project Manager

Sarfraz Ahmed is an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) with expertise in design, development and demonstration of innovative mechanical concepts. His expertise includes design engineering, component designing, kinematic and CFD analysis, and FEA modelling. He has been involved in various projects at BASI including Multi-rotor design, performance and stability analysis, Airship MB-310 conceptualization, design analysis and material testing, and Airship MB-80 component design, material development and prototype testing. He is currently working on the Hydrogen Ballonet design development project.