Aviation Innovations Conference: Cargo Airships Toronto, March 14th – 15th

The purpose of the Aviation Innovations conference is to reconvene the potential users of airships and representatives of the airship developers from around the world to take stock of where we stand in 2019. The first day of the conference will feature the demand side of the market. Presentations will be made by representatives of the mining, energy and distribution industries. The second day will feature the latest in what is happening with airship technology. The conference brings together business leaders, innovators, start up companies, manufacturers, training service providers, aeronautical products providers and variety of people involved in aviation and aerospace industries. Discussions will include forecasts, advances and gaps in the development of a new cargo airship transportation system.


(Please note: Program subject to change)
  • Case for Cargo Airships in Remote Areas
  • Logistics of Remote Energy and Mining Operations
  • Public Service Supply in the North
  • Transport of Oversized, Indivisible Loads
  • European Airship Developers
  • Asian and South American Airship Developers
  • North American Airship Developers
  • New Airship Developments
  • Mining Beyond Roads
  • Arctic Gas Exploration
  • Service to Remote Communities
  • Canada’s Northern Issues: Food Crisis and House Shortage
  • Low Altitude Surveillance
  • High Altitude Communications
  • “Northern Transportation Gaps”
  • Economic applications for Buoyant Air Transport
  • Flight Simulators and Envelopes - “Airship Flight Simulator and Pilot Training”

When: March 14th at 8:00 AM – March 15th at 4:00 PM EDT
Where: 6257 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L41 1E4

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