Aviation Innovations Conference: 2022 Conférence sur les innovations dans le domaine de l’aviation: 2022

Green Aviation Future: Electric Airships

Wednesday October 19 to Friday October 21, 2022
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Time is slipping away. Governments have agreed to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2035, but climate change is not waiting. Floods, droughts, heat waves and violent storms are increasing in frequency. Carbon emissions must be cut before the Arctic Ocean loses all its ice leading to a “Runaway Greenhouse Effect.” Innovation is needed. Airplanes have the most difficulty adapting to a low carbon future because they require so much energy.

No one disputes that jet engine emissions are large contributors to climate change. The aviation industry is working hard to reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Electrically-powered airplanes are being tested with batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, but significant change in the carbon footprint of fixed-wing aviation is unlikely to be achieved for many years.

A sound economic case exists for continued jet passenger travel, because face-to-face meetings on a global scale are necessary. No similar justification exists for cargo jets, which is the most polluting form of freight transport. Air freight shippers can drastically reduce their carbon footprint by embracing a new aviation age of the electrically-powered airship.

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